Walden Monterey Open Space

Aug 17-18th - Car Week
Aug 19-20th - Car Week
Sep 14-15th - Walden Monterey Launch Party
Oct 19-20th - Walden Art Fellows event
Oct 27th - Walden Art Unveiling
Nov 16-17th - Gathering Team 1.0 Reunion  
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Drawing Inspiration from Nature

How can we draw upon our natural surroundings and technology to cultivate innovation focused on preservation and better living?

Technology & Community

How can we utilize nature and technology in a way that allows communities to disconnect, yet re-connect? 


Place Making & the Establishment of Expectations

How can we enforce a sense of urgency in the adoption of technology that promotes better living?


Thursday, July 13th

6pm-Cocktails followed by dinner
Overnight Glamping Experience (optional)

Friday, July 14th

Sunrise hike on the Walden Monterey property
8am- Breakfast
9am - 2pm-Conversations about Nature in Nature
3pm-wrap up and group photo



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