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November 3rd - Cocktail Hour starts at 6:00pm
Glamping On-Site? *
On November 3rd will you be spending the night on site? All items will be provided, bed, comforter, etc. This is Glamorous Camping!
Vision Day *
Will you be attending the day activities on November 4th? Starting at 8:00 am.

Onsite Charrette Session in Monterey

November 3, 2016

6:00pm - Team to convene onsite in Monterey for a festive opening ceremony, cocktail hour, and pre-charrette dinner. Meet the team and hear more about the goals and aspirations of the charrette.

Evening - Team ‘glamping’ social evening @ York Highlands filled with dialogue, adventure, live music and tents galore

November 4, 2016

6:30am - Team hike

8:00am - Breakfast with project intro session

9:00am - Morning Charrette session

12:00am - Group Lunch + review of morning findings

1:00pm - Afternoon charrette session

3:00 - Wrap up presentations and summary

5:00-5:30pm - Closing Ceremony