Walden Monterey Open Space

Upcoming Events

GeneroCity Gathering - March 30th 

Movement & Mindfulness - April 13th 

The Tastes of Nature - Farm To Table - April 27th 

Reconnecting Kids To Nature - May 12th

Car Show Retreat - August 17th & 24th


Drawing Inspiration from Nature

How can we draw upon our natural surroundings and technology to cultivate innovation focused on preservation and better living?

Technology & Community

How can we utilize nature and technology in a way that allows communities to disconnect, yet re-connect? 


Place Making & the Establishment of Expectations

How can we enforce a sense of urgency in the adoption of technology that promotes better living?



9:30am Arrival

10am Morning Hike / Exploration

11:30am - Group Discussion at the Oak (Topic 1)

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Walk & Talk Group Discussion (Topic 2) 

2:30pm - Yoga

3:00pm - Summaries and Sharing


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